THE WRITE SHOW—The Ultimate Pen Event

The Write Show is organized by Glen Bowen who is actively researching cities and dates to schedule new events featuring writing instruments for collectors, buyers and sellers and fountain pen enthusiasts.

The goal is to create highly organized writing instruments events that are experientially positive in every detail. Exhibitors have expressed their desire for a better experience and The Write Show will provide it to them.

Markets under consideration include most major metropolitan cities. The current focus is on Arizona, California, Massachussetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, the District of Columbia, and other underserved cities in regards to pen shows, retailers, collectors, aficionados and general consumers.

All months are under consideration that do not directly conflict with major pen shows and there is no implied attempt to subsume currently successful shows. But there can be better shows and better times and better locales.

Your comments are welcome through the contact form, or by direct email:

Thank you,

Glen Bowen

Organizer: Glen Bowen, Founder, Pen World International magazine

Next Steps...

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